Do the latest insurance company commercials infuriate you too?

Have you seen these insurance commercials lately?  The ones where they show someone watching as the neighbor cuts a tree limb that goes through the roof of his car, or a semi truck backing up and smashing someone’s car?  Or the moron that drove into the lake and is standing on the roof (Notice, he is dry.  Was he riding the roof into the lake?)  Those commercials infuriate me to say the least.  Maybe most people don’t pay attention – but I always felt insurance was reserved for accidents – or at least not for cases of gross negligence and stupidity.  See – as the world seems to promote stupidity (i.e. Reality TV, celebrity behavior, no accountability, etc) it seems to be “accepted” that – “Oh well, Im a moron and just cut down the limb of a tree OVER someone else’s car, and “OOPS” – hey insurance – just pay for it!”  Well, see – that’s ME (and you!) paying for it….  And that further propagates the stupidity.  If there are cases of gross negligence like that – I don’t think insurance should pay – the person should pay themselves.  They just might think twice next time and look under the tree before they start cutting limbs off of it.  They just might think they should securely mount the air conditioner to their apartment window.  That one REALLY gets me – what if that was a person walking by?  And how did the air conditioner “fall” out the window, but move over away from the building at least 3 feet to hit the car instead of the sidewalk below it?

My wife says sometimes I read into things too much, and I have a knack for noticing weird things – maybe so – but I still keep trying to cling to trying to make common sense common again….  Help me people….   Be safe – and have a great weekend!

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